Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Programs in India

By Yaseen / November 3, 2016

Affiliate Marketing has always been my preferred method of monetizing my blog, and now in this article I’m going to share the Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Programs in India which will help you to earn more if done in the correct manner.

What is Affiliate Marketing ?

– Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

Different Affiliate Programs offer various commission rates after the completion of sale whom you referred.


Affiliate Marketing

1) Amazon India

There are a number of products like Book, Electronics, Clothing, Accessories etc. You have a number of options to promote their products and earn commissions. Amazon is regarded as on the biggest E-commerce sites in the world and is quite familiar in India as well.


Affiliate Marketing

2) Flipkart

Like Amazon, Flipkart is a great E-commerce site which offers various products to promote on your blog. If you have a blog which is from the gadget niche then this Affiliate Program is really good to make good revenue, it reportedly offers upto 15% in commission.

Affiliate Marketing

3) Hostgator

Hostgator is quite popular in India and a reliable service provider for Domain & Hosting. And secondly, I found out they pay their affiliates better commissions compared to others. I personally use Hostgator as my hosting provider for my other blog.

If you have a blog related to Hosting services, Blogging tips/tools then this will help you get more commissions.

Affiliate Marketing

4) Make My Trip

This company provides online travel services including flight tickets, domestic and international holiday packages, hotel reservations, rail and bus tickets, etc. The company has been recognized as one of India’s best travel portals.

This Affiliate Program would work for those blogs which provide any kind of services by pasting ads on their sidebar.

  • (Click here to join Make My Trip Affiliate Program )


5) Shaadi.comAffiliate Marketing is one the oldest and well known matrimonial websites.

Whenever your referral pays for a premium membership you can reportedly earn upto 70% in commissions. (Pretty cool ! )


So here were the 5 recommended Affiliate Programs in India, where you can sign up and start promoting them.



My Review on Digital Marketing Course – Operating Media

By Yaseen / October 23, 2016
My Review on Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Course - Operating Media

Here in this article I’m going to share my review on Operating Media for the Digital Marketing Course.

Please note : 1)  DM refers to Digital Marketing

2) By no means I’m trying to promote their DM course, this article has been published to help people who are looking to take DM course and read my feedback about their training.

So, what is Digital Marketing?


  • Digital Marketing is where you can promote your brand, services, blogs, products, display advertising . There are various mediums through which marketing is carried out, through emailing, advertising, social media etc. 


My interest in Digital Marketing grew when I started blogging but had little knowledge how to properly use WordPress, improve SEO, using Google Analytics etc.

Later on, I decided to take the DM course which has helped/improved me with my blogging. I enquired at 3-4 institutes and then visited Operating Media .. first of all, honestly I had never heard/read about them on the internet but, after meeting Hardik Sir and checking out their classes (setup) it convinced me that this was the place I should take up the course.

And without a doubt ! and not a fortune, it turned out to be the best decision I made and I’m glad about it ! 

These were the modules I went for : 1) WordPress ( which helps you to create a website, changing it’s appearance, writing new articles)

2) PPC refers to Pay Per Click , ( a mode of marketing where advertisers pay a fee each time their ads get clicked.)

3) SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

4) Google Analytics ( Analyzing website traffic by referring stats/graphs )

5) Social Media Optimization ( Optimizing your blogs, products, services with the help of different Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. )

Their training sessions and batch schedules were quite comfortable and the best thing was they don’t allot more than 5-6 students in a batch, with less people in a batch it gave me more freedom to ask query in between our lectures and also you get to learn other’s opinion (whether a doubt or an idea) .

Their tutors are highly qualified professionals who have more than 5 years of experience in their respective fields.

Personally , I loved their WordPress, PPC and SEO modules because I was anxiously looking forward to learn them !

What I noticed was they are very friendly rather than having an awkward student-teacher relationship , hahaha ! Which enabled me to engage more and getting doubts cleared.

Their Classrooms (setup) :-

Amazing setup with a perfect atmosphere to learn new stuff everyday. Additionally, they use Linux based OS.


Special mention :-

  • Harsh Sir for PPC – He always engages with everyone which is important and never leaves a doubt in your mind. His teaching quality and experience helped me to learn the concepts easily.
  • Rahul Sir for Wordress – I guess he was the one whom I troubled the most with my never ending doubts ! XD

Even after completing the WordPress module, I frequently faced problems with my blog ( during that time I was a complete newbie in blogging )

He always welcomed me and happily solved my problems.

  • Zahid Sir for SEO – I enjoyed learning SEO and made me more passionate to learn more about SEO.  Zahid Sir has more than 7-8 of experience and as a result of which I got to learn various techniques to improve (still improving) my SEO ranking for this blog.
  • Hardik Sir – Thumbs up for always co-ordinating and scheduling lectures whenever I missed one.


My final word on Operating Media :-

I’m so sure you wouldn’t find any better place than Operating Media in Mumbai. Their quality teaching, limited number of students gives them an edge above others in their industry and I would definitely recommend you to learn Digital Marketing from Operating Media .


I hope this article was helpful for you !   










List Of 25 Guest Blogging Sites

By Yaseen / October 22, 2016
List of Blogs which accept guest posting

Guest posting is definitely a good way to increase your blog’s traffic and build presence online and also get back-links. This technique is widely recommended for new bloggers looking to get good traffic.

Content Marketing is important and for that you need to spread the word in order to get quality back-links which will help you to rank higher and increase your domain authority.

So here is a list of blogs which accept Guest Posts : –

  1.  ShoutMeLoudSubmit Here 
  2.  YourstorySubmit Guest Post
  3.  Succesful BloggingGuest Post Guidelines 
  4.  CopybloggerSubmit Here
  5.  Daily Blog TipsGuest Post Guidelines 
  6.  Famous Bloggers Submit Here 
  7.  Blog GodownSubmit Here 
  8.  WeBlogBetterSubmit Here
  9.  HellBoundBloggers Click Here 
  10.  KissmetricsSubmission Guidelines 
  11.  InspirationfeedSubmit Here
  12.  The Huffington PostSubmit Here 
  13.  HubspotSubmission Guidelines 
  14.  Social media examinerSubmit Guest Post 
  15.  BlogsoluteContact Here 
  16.  Blogging cage Submit Here 
  17.  Search Engine PeopleSubmit Here 
  18.  Traffic Generation CafeSubmit Here 
  19.  Search Engine Journal Contact Here 
  20.  MarketingprofsSubmission Guidelines 
  21.  Hot Blog TipsSubmission Guidelines
  22.  iBlogzoneSubmit Here
  23.  Blog engageSubmit Here 
  24.  KikolaniSubmission Guidelines
  25.  ClickfireSubmission Guidelines 

Apart from these places where you can submit guest posts, there’s one more thing I want to share with you :-

Guest Post Tracker is a great place where you can submit guest posts, and the best part is you can keep a track record of all your posts ! There are various niches where you can submit articles. Here’s a quick look at the website.

Guest posting


(Feel free to check them out, do let me know where did you submit a guest post down in the comment section below !)


5 Horrible Affiliate Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

By Yaseen / September 23, 2016
Avoidable Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

I have seen many Affiliate Marketing newbies struggle to make an income in the beginning. And I’m sure at some point of time you too might have experienced the same. Joining every other Affiliate Program and promoting them on your blog will not help you make money quickly. This can also affect your chances in the long term and nobody likes too many ads !  Here are 5 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes you need to avoid


1)  Selling your readers rather than helping

It looks horrible when you put too many affiliate links in your post, your readers will find it difficult to read your post or may even look to escape your website. Always remember, people come to visit your blog to learn something and if your content appeals them, they will automatically have faith in your blogs and this can result in more conversions. Your content should be rich and informative so that people can make a decision when buying a product. I personally include one or maximum to two affiliate links in a post, and the results have been pretty good !

2) Joining every other Affiliate Program

This makes absolutely no sense if you’re joining every other Affiliate Program and imagining that all of them would work for your blog. For example :- Bluehost and Hostgator would work effectively for those blogs which belong to the blogging niche. You need to research on the web whether a particular Affiliate Program will work for your blog’s niche or not, you will find many blogs to have a look if it is working with them or not.

3) Posting reviews

I’m sure you must have come across many posts where people share their views on a product they have used. Honestly provide a feedback for those products which you have personally used and rather not trick people which you haven’t used, this may ruin your credibility and backfire you. Many bloggers advice to give reviews to help other people make a decision on buying a product which you have used.


4) Don’t wait to add Affiliate Links until you have a BIG BLOG 

Whether your blog is a month or 5 years old, never wait for this moment you will start adding affiliate links once your blog has a bigger audience. Because you never know which post will go viral and you may loose big amount of revenue !


5)   Not link cloaking (ugly URL into pretty URL)

Usually the affiliate links which you get look ugly, they are usually long and contain numbers, letters and symbols. By link cloaking, it turns these long confusing and ugly looking URls into pretty short good-looking URLs.

If you’re using WordPress then I would recommend you to use Thirsty Affiliates plugin. It is a free plugin and you can install and start using it right away !


Let me know which of the above tips have helped you and share you views down in the comment section below ! I would love to hear from you.



5 Steps to a Successful Affiliate Marketing Strategy

By Yaseen / August 30, 2016
Successful Affiliate Marketing Strategy

affiliate marketing
Affiliate Marketing has changed significantly during the years, and it’s getting more popular among bloggers to generate income. When I was new into blogging I had no idea about Affiliate Marketing. I believe Affiliate Marketing is a great alternative to Google Adsensense.
Bluehost, Commission Junction, ShareA Sale, Amazon are one of the best affiliate programs used by marketers.

So, what does it take to succeed in the affiliate marketing?


1. Experiment which affiliate program works for your niche.

This is the most important thing when it comes to promoting other affiliate programs. Instead of comparing your work with other, you need to focus on comparing yourself to you !  You need to figure out which affiliate product works with your niche. Say for eg :- if you own a website which is related to fashion and you go for promoting domain/web hosting products, chances are you will achieve little success or nothing at all.


affiliate programs




2. How to find the right affiliate program for your niche.

Here’s a small trick on how to find the right affiliate program for your niche. In the Google search engine, type the following keywords as shown below :

affiliate strategy

The format for searching the correct affiliate program should be like this. You will be able to find many options and choose one to try out for your niche.

You can apply this trick for any niche, and you will be able to find many options accordingly. If you are not able to find a specific brand’s affiliate program, you can email them.

3. Focusing on your content.

Providing your readers with clear and informative content, helps you to build trust with your fans. And this would help you to get more traffic. People would like to visit your website again and again if your content is helpful and this would hep you to earn more commissions !

how to write a rich content

4.  Importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is one of the most important factors which drive traffic to your blog, this would help your affiliate product with much exposure and more commissions ! It is one of the most stable and reliable ways to get traffic and get more sales. In fact, recent study found that 87% of the website traffic comes from organic traffic.

seo tips

5.  Be Patient and Don’t Give Up !

Many newbies give up too early after failing to earn a penny, you need to understand that you won’t start earning commissions overnight. Keep a daily track of your affiliate links, make necessary changes if required to boost your sales. Develop your skills and knowledge and be patient.

I’m sure these tactics mentioned above will help you to become a better affiliate marketer.

Recently, I purchased an Affiliate Marketing eBook written by one the most successful bloggers in India, Harsh Agrawal, I read many positive reviews about this book so I decided to purchase this book. Honestly, after applying those strategies I managed to make Whether you’re completely new or already into Affiliate Marketing, this book is for everyone.

I even decided to write a review on it, click here to read more