5 Horrible Affiliate Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

By Yaseen / September 23, 2016
Avoidable Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

I have seen many Affiliate Marketing newbies struggle to make an income in the beginning. And I’m sure at some point of time you too might have experienced the same. Joining every other Affiliate Program and promoting them on your blog will not help you make money quickly. This can also affect your chances in the long term and nobody likes too many ads !  Here are 5 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes you need to avoid


1)  Selling your readers rather than helping

It looks horrible when you put too many affiliate links in your post, your readers will find it difficult to read your post or may even look to escape your website. Always remember, people come to visit your blog to learn something and if your content appeals them, they will automatically have faith in your blogs and this can result in more conversions. Your content should be rich and informative so that people can make a decision when buying a product. I personally include one or maximum to two affiliate links in a post, and the results have been pretty good !

2) Joining every other Affiliate Program

This makes absolutely no sense if you’re joining every other Affiliate Program and imagining that all of them would work for your blog. For example :- Bluehost and Hostgator would work effectively for those blogs which belong to the blogging niche. You need to research on the web whether a particular Affiliate Program will work for your blog’s niche or not, you will find many blogs to have a look if it is working with them or not.

3) Posting reviews

I’m sure you must have come across many posts where people share their views on a product they have used. Honestly provide a feedback for those products which you have personally used and rather not trick people which you haven’t used, this may ruin your credibility and backfire you. Many bloggers advice to give reviews to help other people make a decision on buying a product which you have used.


4) Don’t wait to add Affiliate Links until you have a BIG BLOG 

Whether your blog is a month or 5 years old, never wait for this moment you will start adding affiliate links once your blog has a bigger audience. Because you never know which post will go viral and you may loose big amount of revenue !


5)   Not link cloaking (ugly URL into pretty URL)

Usually the affiliate links which you get look ugly, they are usually long and contain numbers, letters and symbols. By link cloaking, it turns these long confusing and ugly looking URls into pretty short good-looking URLs.

If you’re using WordPress then I would recommend you to use Thirsty Affiliates plugin. It is a free plugin and you can install and start using it right away !


Let me know which of the above tips have helped you and share you views down in the comment section below ! I would love to hear from you.



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