Our Story :-

Hey guys, I’m Yaseen Girach, from Mumbai (India) the founder of Pacereaders.

I started writing a while back and faced a lot of challenges, I was quite intimidated when I first wanted to start Pacereaders.

The world was new to me and wanted to learn and get to the root of it. I did some research which helped me pave my way out. I wanted to share my experience and the knowledge I gained across these hurdles.

Here in Pacereaders, my team and I will talk about all about blogging, marketing, and affiliate. Basically setup your own blog, how to earn money from it, how to get the hang of affiliate marketing, Do’s and Dont’s. There will be a lot of it.

It is not a quick but a very effortful way to earn money at home and anyone with some basic computer knowledge and some passion can do it.

I highly encourage everyone to give it a shot, its definitely worth a try.

My team and I would be eager to help you out, you could always reach out to us via the email ID’s provided or leave a comment on the respective post.

So good luck and all the best for your future endeavors !

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Here are the members of our team,
Yasin Girach , Schezan Mansuri.