How to start your own Blog?

I always wanted to start a blog of my own since a long time back. But wasn’t sure how to get started. I wanted to share ideas with the world out there, on my own platform. And getting the right knowledge made me realize, it isn’t as tough as it looked like.

But, well, you’d be in good hands, I would be glad to share my experience with you guys and help you start a blog of your own within a couple of minutes. This post would be the best for you if you just want to get started with it.

Honestly, it is much more interesting and fun as I thought it would be.

I get to interact with the audience with my choice of words and it kind of fuels up my day, as satisfying as it gets.

Understanding and following the steps would help to get you started.


1.Get a niche(topic for your blog)

Create a blog

So to start writing, you need to make sure, what you’re writing about. I know you are thinking this is pretty obvious, but I’ll tell you that this is the only hardest part. You have to pick what are you passionate about the most.

There would be at least one thing that you’d be passionate about and someone from the audience would love to read the content you post. But remember, while choosing your niche, you have to make sure that you are passionate about it. Make sure you can write about it all the time and have a lot of information for the same. You don’t have to worry about whether the audience will like it or not as long as you’re being interesting. Remember that you are unique and you have your own story to share, if you place every word you share correctly, you can do miracles.

But anyway, as soon as you got your niche, you can jump to the next part, ie getting a domain name.


2.Get a domain name(Choose a name for your website)

create a blog

Well, I’d call it the next hardest thing, getting a name for your blog.

You have to be quite careful while choosing one as this will be permanent and also will be your blog’s identity.

This can be pretty tricky as most of the names are already taken or booked and you are limited to a name with your niche.

A couple of things to keep in mind while choosing your domain, like the domain has to match your niche, the name should be defining your website, you should keep it short, simple and sweet, It should not be an imprison or be a clone name or be similar to another website.

These are not mandatory, but very vital and important points to be taken care of.

Once you get done with the domain name, you’re good to go.


3. Get a Hosting (A place on the www for the blog)

create a blog

You got a name for your website, but where is your website? A hosting provider helps you to store your files online.
Your domain name directs to the address of hosting provider ie where your files are stored. And then anyone can visit your website you just posted online, yeah, that’s pretty much it. The hosting provider provides you a place to store your files.
You can stumble across free hosting and paid hosting. However, getting a paid hosting is a much better idea if you’re planning to start blogging and aiming for something good. You would be better off with the free domain and hosting if you’re just experimenting and won’t be aiming to earn money in future.
It’s not a big of a deal to get hosting. It’s not as expensive as you think it is. There are many hosting providers, but we personally use following and you’d be getting a discount if you use our link.
See what fits you the best and go with the flow.


4. Get a platform to start blog (Your first post)

create blogYou got content, also got a name for your content, space for your content, but you don’t know how to place your content yet?

You really don’t need to have extensive knowledge about HTML or be a tech savvy to do this. Pretty much just choose a platform, the one I use is WordPress. There are many others like Blogger, Wiz, Tumblr  etc, but I’d suggest and prefer WordPress cause of its super friendly interface and customizability.
There is an option for free domain along with hosting. But that won’t do the work for you if you want to earn effectively being passionate about it.
Installing WordPress into your paid hosting is pretty easy, it won’t break your sweat.

5. Grow and make connections

You got a platform along with you domain name and hosting. All you have to do is now build connections and keep an eye on your competitors. Competitors are no one but other people who have chosen the same niche as yours for their content. So you have to check out their blog, do a case study and know what they’re doing and how they’re doing.

You won’t be facing problems if you’re filled with passion about your niche already. All you got to do now is experiment and put in some work.


You have to learn and understand, how to structure a blog and your content, interact with your audience. There is no step-by-step procedure for this. But many tips and tricks I would suggest in my future blogs will help you through it. I bet you can do something productive and share vital information and create amazing content if you just kick-start your passion. And you can outdo a lot of people out there and stand out. All you have to do is pick-up the niche you thought of every time I mentioned “PASSION” in this article. Good luck!

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I'm a student and a freelancer, I pretty much work with anything that holds my interest. But I personally love the art of coding and anything that is anime related. I blog and write content in my free time.

lisa - June 15, 2017

I am ready to start own blog thanks for helpful article to me

Asmi Bajaj - June 15, 2017

I want to start my own blog so that I can earn while working from my home, but I think link building is hard, is there anything you can share that can really help in link building

Tanmay - June 22, 2017

your article help me in starting my new blog and it is very informative

Do It Urself Now - July 5, 2017

This is an amazing and informative article. Please keep writing such articles.

Sarthak Bhatt - September 6, 2017

Fantastic article, this would definitely help me get started with my own blog in the coming future, keep it up!

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