Writing good content for your blog post.

By Schezan Mansuri / June 18, 2017
Writing good content for your blog post

Write Good Content for your Blog Post!

Well, now that you already have a hosting account and have your blog setup(If you don’t I’d recommend you to check this post first ‘How to start a blog’) This post is for people who want to create good content which an audience enjoys.

You’d think, what is the best way to optimize my blog? How should I start writing? What do I need to know before I start writing?

Well, before everything, you should know, that you should write good content if you want to start monetizing.

For a blogger, everything goes with the flow if you have written good content, you just have to follow a steady pace and everything starts making sense.

I would share some tips which I think every new blogger or someone who wants to start writing to consider.

Create a title and headings for your blog post.

Well, before you start, you should create a good title which explains the purpose of your content.

A good title which is well optimized explains what would your content be about in a concise one-liner, it shouldn’t be too long, optimally it should be between 5-20 words.

You should avoid using complicated words so that you avoid to intimidate your readers.

Using sub-headings and including steps helps the reader to understand quickly where he/she should jump to.

Yes, you surely want your reader to read what you’ve written, but there are people who just want to get straight to the point and might not want to get through every word which you have written.

Create simple content.

entertain your audience

This might not work for everyone, but for most of them, the readers might not be comfortable if you are using lots of complicated words.

So for that, unless you cannot explain it using simple and clear statements, avoid using complicated terms and words, that might make the reader disinterested and would be difficult for that individual to cope up with your pace.

If your audience is accustomed to heavier vocabulary that’s a different case.

Use Paragraphs and short statements and include sub-headings.

headings and apragraphsheadings and apragraphsheadings and apragraphsheadings and apragraphs

Try using short paragraphs and avoid using long statements. By doing so, the reader can avoid even consider reading your post by looking at the length by assuming the content will be too complicated.

In fact, I’ve avoided such posts for the same reason.

Be concise and clear for good content.


write content for you blog

write content for you blogwrite content for you blog

Try to jump straight to the point and avoid unnecessary commentary. The clearer the better.

Try putting your words down in well-written statements which explain the purpose of your effort eventually.

Try to use bullets and points wherever you can, which will help you be concise and be clear with your points.

As it is pretty obvious the bullets are easier to point and grasp.

The most important points.


often neglected while writingkeep in mind to write good content you need proper formatting

Some obvious points which are often neglected. Try to put these in practice. They make your blog post look much attractive.

  • Use correct grammar, by being precise with your spelling and having it proofread once. Make sure to use proper punctuation wherever necessary. I personally use a tool known as Grammarly which help me point out simple grammatical errors. However, it is not 100% accurate and I still proof-read even after using that, but it helps me sort out my errors easily and to make fewer mistakes.
  • Try highlighting important points by marking important words or points by using bold or underlined characters.
  • Proper text formatting might not sound the best bet, but it makes your article look near and it also helps the reader to understand where the weightage of your content lies.
  • Use Italic fonts for important points and universal names.
  • Formatting or making use of different text styles marks priority in your article. They help to make it more professional and on the shorter hand, it’s making your article better.
  • Try avoiding abbreviations and text formats which you use to SMS. As they will make your post or content look less professional.

Understand your audience while writing a post.

You should try connecting with your audience and understand who they are, what they want, what they need.
If you connect to them through any of the emotions, may it be anger, happiness, sadness. They’ll most likely remember it, make and edit your content it in such a way, that the person who reads it makes it want to share it!

Remember! Good content shares itself

Make sure you try to connect with them by asking them for a feedback and also act upon it.

Their feedback is pretty important as you know you’re serving them for their need ( but in a way your own ).


Keeping these in mind will help you improve the readability for the users. There are more tricks and tips to it, if you want to rank your page and make it better, I’ll be writing an article for that as well make sure to keep in touch.

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